Pyjama Party Package

Look out, ladies: WOMEN'S SPECIAL!

How about a PYJAMA PARTY and a really great pillow fight?

You have to cultivate your friendships. When was the last time you did something really cool with your girlfriends, schoolfriends etc?

OK, so they’re spread all over the country and that makes it difficult?

We have an idea:
Come and meet at the Ammerland Hotel. Gossip and giggle all night and then, after a really great pillow fight, a couple of glasses of champagne and some fresh strawberries, go to bed, tired and happy.

What we offer:

1 night in a FIRST-BUSINESS-CLASS room
1 bottle of champagne per room with fresh strawberries (alternatively fruit which is in season)
Includes pillows for an extended pillow fight
Includes chick movies for your room
Includes breakfast for sleepy heads until 11

Per person in a FIRST-BUSINESS-CLASS 4 bed room € 56.00
Per person in a FIRST-BUSINESS-CLASS 3 bed room € 69.00

Per person in 2x FIRST-BUSINESS-CLASS double rooms € 79.00

From Thursday to Monday