Allianz Arena

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The Allianz Arena in Munich is the football temple in the north of the city and home to the football club FC Bayern München.

It glows in Bavarian red or Lions‘ blue and, if the national team is playing, then sometimes even in white. From outside it’s an eye-catcher, from inside a high-tech miracle. The façade of air cushions makes it look like a UFO. Whether you are a tourist taking a tour of the arena or a fan of one of the football teams – everyone is wild about the arena!

From Ingolstadt to the Allianz Arena is about 65 km or approx. 30 minutes by car.

TIP: If you want to see a top game live in the arena, it is better to stay in Ingolstadt than Munich. Why? Because after the game you will be back in Ingolstadt before you could get back into Munich itself.