If you fancy a romantic walk, go to Ingolstadt’s Klenze park, just across from the historical old town. The park, which is about 20ha in size, was named after the court master-builder Leo von Klenze. King Ludwig I of Bavaria appointed Klenze his court architect and had him build a fortress in Ingolstadt so that he could “retreat” (“verschanzen”) if necessary.

...and so all those originally from Ingolstadt gained the nickname „Schanzer“!

This is just right for an extended weekend! How about an afternoon in the countryside for a change? In the Klenze Park in Ingolstadt you are not only right beside the Danube, but there is also a great adventure playground for the children or you can visit the only “car-free” beer garden in Ingolstadt, the KIK. Keen to hear more insider tips? Come and ask us at the AMMERLAND!