The Altmühl Valley & the Danube Gap

If you have seen enough of the city, then maybe you fancy planning a tour into the Ingolstadt’s qsurroundings. Come and experience the unique landscape of the Altmühl Valley National Park, discover the roots of Bavaria’s beer in the hop gardens of the Hallertau or explore many historical sights such as castles, stately homes and museums. There are many lakes where you can bathe and natural sights such as the Danube Gap and the Schulerloch, a stalactite cave, to enjoy!

Neuburg, former town of the count palatine, is proud of the renaissance castle of Ottheinrich, in Eichstätt you can see the Willibald Castle long before you reach it. Prunn Castle sits high on a rock, in Rosenburg Castle you can visit the falconry, which is well known for the flying skills of its birds of prey, and in Essing is the ruin of Randeck Castle, which made itself a name in the Middle Ages as a lair for robber barons. Let us help you plan your time in and around Ingolstadt