Ammerland Breakfast

A very good morning to you!

Lean back, enjoy the luxury of reading the daily newspaper and start the morning in a good mood:

Choose from freshly baked bread, a large range of fruit juices, freshly brewed tea and coffee specialities such as cappuccino, latte macchiato, espresso or chai latte; choose from an exquisite selection of branded teas from Messmer. From various mueslis, home-made Bircher muesli, fruits and our health section to smoked salmon, our selection of sausages and cold meats and cheese specialities and on to croissants, muffins and home-made cakes.

If you fancy a cooked breakfast in the morning, alternate between Bavarian meatloaf, Nuremberg sausages and meatballs, or choose from a wonderful range of eggs, boiled, soft-boiled served in a glass, fried or classic scrambled egg with bacon.

By the way: you can order breakfast to be served in your room if you like. Our reception can give you further information.

Monday to Friday, from 6.15 to 10.30 am

Saturday and Sunday, from 6.30 to 11.00 am