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Fitness und Wellness Hotel in Ingolstadt
Hotelzimmer mit Frühstück in Ingolstadt

Ammerwald Spa & Gym

SPA Mon - Sun 5 pm – 10.30 pm
GYM Mon - Sun 6.30 am  - 10.30 pm

If you would like to come at a different time, just ask us and we will arrange something for you!

Minimum age 16 (but we also have a special family offer for parents with children! Please ask at reception.)

GYM - Ammerland Fitness

The GYM: A small but well-equipped fitness room above the roofs of the city puts the finishing touch to our wellness offer.

You can really work out here. In the well-equipped fitness room with professional equipment by TechnoGYM you can go flat out and then relax and unwind! You can feel how new energy rushes through your body and how stress and tension give way to a feeling of complete wellness!

JOGGING IN THE COUNTRY: The ideal jogging route, past meadows and fields, starts and ends right behind the hotel. The 5.8km route will really get you going in the morning and help you clear your head with a refreshing run in the countryside. A map for this route and other jogging routes can be obtained from the AMMERLAND.

TIP: If you would like to borrow Nordic walking sticks, these are available from reception.

Switch off & Cool down

After all the warmth of the Finnish sauna, the bio sauna or some infrared treatment, enjoy the icy rubdown at our ice fountain. If you prefer to take more time, freshen up first on one of our penthouse terraces before enjoying the refreshing shower experience afterwards.

In the experience shower you might like to start with some Kneipp therapy, then try out the waterfall, dare to try the prickly spray or maybe enjoy our “mountain summer rain under the rain shower”.

Take time out from your meetings and conferences, from sightseeing and shopping and use the time here to RELAX! The warm benches with a foot bath will round off the day at the AMMERWALD in complete harmony.

Infrared Deep-Warmer

Warmth can often work miracles and has been being used for thousands of years to treat an immense variety of aches and pains. The positive effect of the infrared warmth will pamper your body, it does not just relax your muscles but brings relief to the whole organism.

WERE YOU IN THE CAR TOO LONG or maybe you had to sit in important meetings for a long time? We know how hard our business guests have to work. That is why the deep warmth of our infrared cabins does so much good: tensions are relieved, back pain dissolved, the immune system strengthened, metabolism improved and purification or detoxification encouraged… and all that without having to sweat! 15 minutes of deep warmth work even through your clothes or a bathrobe and during that time you can read a book or work with your tablet.

Bio Sauna

Our bio sauna! That feels so good! The pleasant 60° steam bath with its mild, refreshing climate purifies and detoxifies in a soothing way. As soon as the body has adjusted to the gentle, pleasant warmth, the vitalizing regeneration processes can start to take over.

TECHNOLOGY & DESIGN: Many AMMERLAND guests rave about our bio sauna, they “felt so good in there”. That’s just what we like to hear! Because of course we know that the cocooning effect is not just due to the comfortable body-formed seats, the coloured mood-lighting, but also the clever technology behind the scenes. The automatic air and humidity generator and the stone wall, pre-heated with sustainable power and with its elegant designer tiles in “croco look”, round off the harmonious effect.

Finnish Sauna

Relax in our Finnish sauna. Give your circulation a treat and come and feel better in our Finnish steam bath. In this spa classic you will sweat yourself fit at a temperature of around 90°. The hot, dry air aids circulatory problems, strengthens the heart, improves the blood-flow through the muscles and prevents colds.

TIP: Browse through our attractive weekend packages. How about a fun shopping day in Ingolstadt Village or a romantic trip to the Altmühl Valley National Park… many options which can be combined with a relaxing evening in the AMMERWALD SPA&GYM!

Distances from Hotel

A9 Motorway 0,5 km Ingolstadt Village 3 km
Hist. Old Town ING 3 km Saturn Arena 3,4 km
AUDI AG 3,5 km Centre MUC Riem 81 km
City North Railway 2,5 km Munich Airport 71 km
IN Main Railway 5 km Ingolstadt Airport 10 km

Hotel Ammerland

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