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Why travel far, when the all good things are sooooo near!

Ingolstadt is an attractive city. Traditional, dynamic and likeable! So that you don’t have to wait to find this out, we have picked out a few points for you!

If you have seen enough of the city, the surroundings offer a wide variety of destinations. There is plenty to see – the historical towns of the Altmühl Valley National Park, the Hallertau and the Donaumoos, and further afield the larger towns and cities like Munich, Nuremberg, Regensburg and Augsburg.

Endfernungen vom Hotel

A9 Autobahn 0,5 km Inglschdod Village 3 km
Hist. Altstadt ING 3 km Saturn Arena 3,4 km
AUDI AG 3,5 km Messe MUC Riem 81 km
City-Nordbahnhof 2,5 km Flughafn Minge 71 km
IN-Hauptbahnhof 5 km Inglschdod Flughafn 10 km

Hotel Ammerland

Hermann-Paul Müller Str. 15
85055 Ingolstadt
Tel.: +49 841 95345-0
Fax: +49 841 95345-45
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